An Interview with Rich Goldsand

by Nicole Manus, Graduate Teaching Assistant/Program Assistant, Arizona State University, Department of Dance

On Wednesday, November 2nd, I interviewed Rich Goldsand, Faculty Associate, instructor of Feldenkrais: DAN 394. What follows is a transcription of that interview. A course in the Feldenkrais method, a somatics practice, is offered each semester through the dance department.

N.M.: How would you describe Feldenkrais to a dancer in a single sentence?

R.G.:The Feldenkrais Method®helps dancers to coordinate their movements so that they are moving in a more efficient and less painful way.

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by Lawrence Wm. Goldfarb, Ph.D.

It was about to happen, that moment, that dreaded moment. I was at my friend Marcello’s birthday party; I had been enjoying the Brazilian music when one of the other guests engaged me in a friendly conversation. We discussed the usual things, such as the weather and how we each knew the guest of honor. Peter had just finished telling me about his research in engineering when it happened… click here to view full article

An Interview with Paul Rubin

by Linda Case

I look at the person as the instrument which they use to play their particular instrument. Of course, the human organism is much more complicated than any musical instrument that I know of. As obvious as this seems and perhaps just because it is so obvious this fact is often overlooked. Musicians will often center their attention just on their hands or some small subset of “body parts.” While this produces musicians of a very high technical level of skill… click here to view full interview