Individual Sessions – Functional Integration®

 In a Functional Integration lesson, I use gentle and precise touch to explore the ways in which you can already move easily and the ways in which you tighten and hold yourself habitually and unconsciously.

Your nervous system may have forgotten how to move and ways that you no longer feel able to move. I gently move and manipulate you into movement that can be more effective for you in daily life. 

This feels at once very gentle, intense and very relaxing. Through my hands-on movement of your body, the experience of comfort, pleasure and ease will be conveyed. The result is you learn how to reorganize your body and behavior in new and more optimal functional motor patterns.

We often think that the forces of pain and discomfort in our bodies require equally strong forces to oppose them. But Feldenkrais, like Aikido and some of the other martial arts blends with what is happening and then redirects the movement.

Functional Integration is performed with the student fully clothed, usually lying on a table or with the student in sitting or standing positions. At times, various props (pillows, rollers, blankets) are used in an effort to support the person’s body configuration or to facilitate certain movements.

Each individual session is custom-tailored to your unique configuration at that particular moment, relating to a desire, intention or need you have. Through rapport and respect for your abilities, qualities and integrity, the practitioner/teacher creates an environment in which you can learn comfortably.